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Borrowing and Returning

Special collection books, hardcover books, maps, reference books,  newspapers, periodicals, reference CDs/DVDs, teacher-assigned textbooks, display books and non-circulating thesis are limited for use within the library.

  • Borrowing
(1)FGU faculty, staff, and students can use FGU university ID card to borrow books from the library.
(2)FGU Alumni, continuing education students, credit students, library volunteers, and community members (the general public aged 12 and above) can use library borrower's card to borrow books from the library.(Applying for Library Cards)。

2. Borrowing Privileges:
Status Total No. of Items Loan Period (days)
Faculty 60 60
Staff 30 60
Postdoctoral Researchers / Ph.D. Program Students 50 60
Master's program Students 40 30
Undergraduate Students 30 21
Alumni 5 21
Others 3 14

3. Special collection books, hardcover books, maps, reference books,  newspapers, periodicals, reference CDs/DVDs, teacher-assigned textbooks, display books and non-circulating thesis are limited for use within the library.

  • Returns

1. Circulation Services Counter:  When returning books, please make sure the checked-out items are correct. All transactions are recorded on My Account.
2. The return box:
(1)Borrowers can drop their books in the return box located at the entrance of the Main library when the library is closed.
(2)DO NOT put audiovisual materials, CDs/DVDs, large-format books, and non-FGU Library's collection into the book drops.
(3)Books put into the book drop will be processed on the next working day, and the return date will be recorded as the date prior to the day processed.
(4)Please remember to check the records on My Account after returning.

  • Renewal
When the general library materials borrowed are not overdue and have not been reserved by other readers, teachers can renew them twice within seven days before the due date. Others are eligible for only one renewal. The renewal period is counted from the date of the renewal transaction.
  • Reserve
1. Materials that are currently being processed or checked out (except for special materials) can be reserved.
2. After making a reservation, upon receiving the "Reservation Available for Borrowing Notification," visitors should complete the borrowing procedure at the library within 7 days.
3. If you have received the "Reservation Available for Borrowing Notification" and do not need the materials within seven days, you must cancel the reservation by accessing your personal borrowing record.
4. Not collecting collect reserved materials by the due date may result in the cancellation of the reservation, and it will be considered a "reservation violation." If there are two instances of "reservation violation" in one semester, reservation privileges will be suspended for 30 days.

  • Overdue
1. General materials: For each overdue day per item, borrowing privileges will be suspended for one day. The penalty can also be paid in overdue fines, which are 5 NTD per item per day. The fine amount accumulates based on the number of days overdue, with a maximum fine of 500 NTD per item. (Borrowing privileges suspension follows an accumulation system. You can choose either the suspension or fine option, but not both simultaneously.)
2. Special materials: For each per day an item is overdue, a fine of 10 NTD will be imposed, accumulating accordingly. The maximum fine per item is 1,000 NTD.
3. For detailed calculation methods, please refer to the "Fo Guang University Library General Material Borrowing Period and Overdue Day Calculation Regulations."

  • Damage & Lost
1. If any item is lost, you must buy a new copy of the item for the library,.The new copy should be exactly the same with the lost item. (  If the exact same copy is not available, a newer version is also accepted, but only with the approval of the librarian in charge. )
2. If items are damaged or lost, you will be responsible for compensation. Please inform the library and complete the compensation procedure within 30 days; otherwise, overdue fees will still be charged.
3. Compensation by cash
(1) For items with identifiable prices, the compensation shall be set at 3 times the fixed price. (The fixed price of materials published in Mainland China shall be converted into New Taiwan dollars, and the amount multiplied by 5 times. For journals, each issue is priced at 6 times the annual contracted price for the purchase year, payable in cash.)
(2) For items with unavailable pricing, charges are calculated based on the number of pages. Domestic materials are priced at $5 NTD/page, while foreign materials are priced at $10 NTD/page.
(3) If the catalog price is unavailable, the compensation fee is charged according to the following rules: Chinese books $1,000 NTD/item, foreign language books $3,000 NTD/item, Non-book Materials $3,000 NTD/item, Domestic Gift Journals $500 NTD/item, and Foreign Gift Journals $500 NTD/item.
(4) In the scenario where one volume of a series is damaged or lost, patrons can simply compensate for that one volume (the item shall be compensated at 3 times the fixed price). However, if the original version is out of print, and the one volume in the new version fails to correspond to the rest of the original collection, patrons need to compensate for the entire series.