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Group Discussion Room

(A315-1 A315-2 A416-1 A416-2 A510)
Picture Room Minimum User Maximum User
This is an image A315-1 3 6
This is an image A315-2 3 8
This is an image A416-1 3 7
This is an image A416-2 3 6
This is an image A510 3 10

1. The group discussion rooms can be used by groups of three or more people. Borrowing hours: Up to 4 hours at one time.
2. Any three of the group member should bring their FGU ID card to the library circulation services counter to complete the registration before the reservation time.
3. Before check out items, please check is there any scrape or damage. If any damage occurs on returning item, it regards as the responsibility of the last borrower.
4. Applicants should recover and clean the room. Users should check-out after use in 10 minutes.
5. How to Reserve: Click me
● by using your library account and password in the system
please choose your preferred room and time, fill in the number and names of users
6. Applicants should recover and clean the room. Finish using please close power and door.
7. There is no allowance to smoking, food, noise or other improper behavior. Any violation will lead to reservation cancelled and forever forfeiture of registration.
8. The library staff bear no responsibility to keep your personal belongings. Please take your personal belongings with you before due time.
9. Library has the privilege to adjust the usage rights of discussion room for special occasion.  If necessary, the librarians may request a temporary suspension of use.  No objection or protest will be accepted under such conditions.