The first Sex Week has started!! Welcome to the library to watch movies!!

  • 2023-04-13
Fo Guang University's first Sexual Peace Week has begun!!

Series of activities:

【Sex Level Breakthrough Game】
Time: 4/18-20
Venue: Lyall Fucheon Church

Topic: Promising Young Woman
Time: 13:00~15:00
Location: Room 102, Yunqi Building

Video: Ma Vie En Rose
Time: 4/17 17:30~19:30

Video: North Country
Time: 4/18 17:30~19:30

Video: Girls Over Flowers
Time: 4/20 17:30~19:30
Venue: Large group audio-visual room on the second floor of the library

* After watching the movie and filling out the questionnaire, you will get a meal voucher!!

Students are welcome to participate