Library director

Library Management and Services Division

  • Name : 王愛琪
  • Office Tel No. : 11831,11830
  • Job position : Management and promotion of library materials collection (head of Library Management and Services Division)
    1. Library and library collection management, book search, repairs, inventory, weed, reshelve.
    2. Space planning and Production guidelines, environmental beautification.
    3. Library promotion activities.
    4. Maintenance management and repair of construction equipment of library buildings.
    5. Volunteer recruitment and training.
  • Name : 胡德蓓
  • Office Tel No. : 11833
  • Job position : Conducting circulation services、Wang Yunwu Memorial Library
    1.Circulation Desk management.
    2.Self-Learnining Area management.
    3.Newspaper Area Maintain.
    4.Audiovisual equipment Maintain.
    5.Wang Yun-Wu Memorial Library Management and Promotion.
    6.Library Tour.
    7.Library Patron Complaints and Suggestions.
    8.Management and maintenance of individual research seats and seminar rooms.
    9.Exhibition space borrowing and management.
    10.Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS).
    11.Automated system management and maintenance.
  • Name : CHEN HUI YU
  • Office Tel No. : 11834
  • Job position : Acquisitions & Cataloging and Library gifts
    1.Collection, Funding and Purchasing of Books and Audio-visual Materials.
    2.Classification and Cataloguing of Books and Audio-visual Materials.
    3.Maintenance of Library Collections.
    4.Book Recommendation and Purchasing.
    5.Emergency purchase acceptance of paper-print books and audio-visual documents Urgent Purchasing of Books and Audio-visual Materials.
    6.Management of Book Donations.
    7.Preparation of library gifts and memorabilia.
  • Name : 陳麗卿
  • Office Tel No. : 11832
  • Job position : Journals, Yunshui book cart business
    1.Journal cataloging, registration, loading, vacancy, acceptance, management of frame number, withdrawal, settlement, etc.
    2.Yunshui book car cataloging, gift books, administration, finance, library management and other related businesses.
    3.Website content management.
    4.Sorting out past exam questions
    5.Petty cash management, stationery purchase.
  • Name : 陳宇潔
  • Office Tel No. : 11835
  • Job position : Reference service, promotion of electronic resources, purchasing of periodicals, acquisition of electronic database and e-journals.

    1. Acquisition of electronic database.

    2, Reference service.

    3. Purchasing of periodicals and e-journals.

    4. Promotion of e-books.

    5. Theses and dissertations.

    6. Subject Specialist.

    7.Institutional repository.