SDGs TALK is here!—Excellent topic examples and explanations from the Sustainable Living Lab

Do you know what SDGs are?? 
Sustainable Development Goals is the global 2030 sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations in 2015. 
including clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, eradicating hunger, promoting gender equality and so on.
Not only through decisions by government agencies or business owners,
From children to adults, everyone implements the sustainable development of SDGs in their daily lives through every action.

In addition to holding SDGs book fairs, the library holds lectures on general education
Lecture name: SDGs TALK is here! - Examples and explanations of excellent topics in the Sustainable Living Lab
Speaker: Mr. Zhou Hongteng, Department of Future and LOHAS, and a team of professional teachers
Venue: General Studies Salon, Cloud 5 Building, Fo Guang University
Time: 5/24 (Wednesday) 13:00~15:00